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The Backcountry Inn & Hostel is a unique vacation rental property located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. It was originally a Girl Guide Camp for Brownies and has since been transformed into a space that offers guests a combination of leisure and creativity. The property features a forest walk that leads to a beaver pond, a field of grass with tall trees, a red barn, and a private pebble beach across the street. The Backcountry Inn & Hostel is committed to providing high-quality products and services, reflecting authenticity and reliability in its offerings. Whether you are looking for a quiet retreat or an adventurous vacation, The Backcountry Inn & Hostel has something to offer for everyone.


Free parking on the premises
Free high-speed internet access
24-hour front desk
Laundry facilities
Micro wedding services
Accommodation for up to 22 guests
Fully equipped kitchen
Outdoor BBQ and dining area
Yoga and meditation classes
Hiking and biking trails nearby

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